JEO Masonry and Tile


Whether you are in need of a blue stone patio or a natural garden wall, we bring years of experience to each project. Walkways, formal walls, stone paths, boulder placement, steps, and driveway construction are all possible with JEO Masonry & Tile.

JEO Masonry & Tile offers a full range many high quality services with marble, tile, stone wall, block wall, brick wall, walk way, stone patio, chimney and more.

You can have the best services to make your projects with marble and tile for your kitchen and bathrooms. When you wish to make your garden project come true, JEO have all the professionalism needed to accomplish every detail of your project.

We are specialized in masonry services, marble, tile and mosaic installation.

JEO Masonry & Tile
35 Perkins Avenue
Malden, MA 02148-7543

Call: 617-794-3444



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